Mark Armour and Dan Levitt recently published In Pursuit of Pennants–Baseball Operations from Deadball to Moneyball, a history of baseball team building.   Full web site here!

Mark and Dan previously wrote the award-winning Paths to Glory (Brassey’s, 2003), and have written extensively (together and separately) about general managers, team organizations, and operating rules for the past 15 years.  Mark and Dan plan to write about such topics in this blog.



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  1. So tell me the back story to how the Reds sabotaged their future. A few years ago I witnessed the best one-two punch in baseball develop at the AAA level. Jeff Keppinger destroyed the pitching he faced (.365) and Joey Vitro benefited by batting ahead of him. Who was the dumb-ass who decided to trade Keppinger for Sutton (Houston organization)? If it was Jockey, fire him now.


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