In case you missed it …

The 25 best GMs of all-time.  (Click any name to read more.)

#25 — Andy MacPhail

#24 — John Quinn

#23 — John Hart

#22 — Jim Campbell

#21 — Brian Cashman

#20 — Cedric Tallis

#19 — Lee MacPhail

#18 — Joe L. Brown

#17 — Dan Duquette

#16 — Theo Epstein

#15 — Walt Jocketty

#14 — Brian Sabean

#13 — Al Campanis

#12 — Sandy Alderson

#11 — Billy Beane

#10 — Frank Cashen

#9 — Dave Dombrowski

#8 — Harry Dalton

#7 — Buzzie Bavasi

#6 — John Schuerholz

#5 — George Weiss

#4 — Bob Howsam

#3 — Ed Barrow

#2 — Pat Gillick

#1 — Branch Rickey


8 thoughts on “In case you missed it …

  1. Great list guys, I also would like to champion the work that Jim Albright and Nerdlinger have done over at, post 152 has the most recent update from Jim…

    Do you guys have a ranking of 26-50 or so that you can share, or however many you have outside the top 25.

    From Jim’s list, it makes me curious where you place:
    Chub Feeney
    William Walsingham
    Clark Griffith
    Harry Grabinger
    Paul Owens
    Hank Peters

    Where is the highest you could see placing Brian Cashman, as he is a top 6 guy or so based purely on success of his ballclubs, obviously tough to parce out credit to Gene Michael at the front end, and the Steinbrenners throughout.

    Thanks for the diligence on a fine list and great reading!


  2. Hey guys. Well done. Solid list. I agreed with most of it. As much as it pains me to say this (as a Cards fan), I think you gotta put Sabean ahead of Dombrowski. Dave has been a stud at GM. No doubt. But rings are kings…granted, truly rating a GM is about more than just tiltes, but they have to carry some weight. Right? I don’t think it’s the end/all say/all (I do think Cash may be a few spots too low as well) but what else are we supposed to use for contrast? Anyway, just some thoughts.
    Ps-(You couldn’t toss Mozeliak a bone and list #26?)


  3. Brian Sabean 14th? Are you kidding me? He was six outs away from winning four World Series championships… YES 4… with entirely different players, coaches and front office! Many of the GM’s ahead of them don’t even have 1!!!


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